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Wydawnictwo: ABC Classics
Nr katalogowy: ABC 4765039
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: październik 2012
EAN: 28947650393
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String Lines - Quartets

ABC Classics - ABC 4765039

Nigel Westlake, Mathew Hindson, Ross Edwards, Romano Crivici, Paul Stanhope
Elektra String Quartet
This all-Australian album is testament to the beauty and strength of Australian composition. The Elektra String Quartet, is Australia’s leading electro-acoustic ensembles. This release profiles some of Australia’s most happening, funky and very living composers, specifically commissioned for Elektra’s unique sound and approach to music-making.

These works represent something of the unique working relationships that developed over time between a jazz, techno and ambient- based, technology driven ensemble, and a number of composers [straining at the leash,] seeking to give voice to some of their less culturally permissible primal urges.

Elektra String Quartet was formed by violinist and composer Romano Crivici and pioneers the integration of technology, improvisation and cross-cultural collaborations within their programming resulting in a genre unique to contemporary music making.

Elektra String Quartet’s invitation to compose a string quartet was for Nigel Westlake an opportunity to bridge and explore some of the various dichotomies or oppositions in our cultural life-world: ‘classical’ versus ‘popular’, serious’ vs ‘light-hearted’, even ‘humorous’, and so on. “High Tension Wires” was born, and the image or metaphor of wire, with its multiple associations of violin strings, telegraph wires, electrical discharges and strange, icy harmonics generated by ‘wind in the wires’, allowed for many musical possibilities.

“He has his own distinctive sound…Crivici’s music has its roots in pop, contemporary classical and native Australian sources…simple, haunting melodic patterns.” Musical America

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