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Wydawnictwo: Kairos
Nr katalogowy: 0015076KAI
Nośnik: 16 CD
Data wydania: październik 2021
EAN: 9120040735760
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Epoka muzyczna: współczesna
Obszar (język): francuski
Rodzaj: suita, msza, pieśń

Dufour: Complete Acousmatic Works, Vol. 1

Kairos - 0015076KAI
Denis Dufour, Thomas Brando, Quentin Morton, Gilian Petrovski, Agnés Poisson, Nissim Schaul, Silver Berg, Alain Gonnard, Stig Dagerman, Kasumi Handa, Tomonari Higaki, Jay Gottlieb, Jonathan Prager, Michel Chion, Caroline Gardet, Roberto Kenofsky, Bernadette Mangin, Pierre Henry, Paul Willenbrock, Raphael Willenbrock
CD 1:
Les Invasions fantômes, Op. 149
Blue Rocket on a Rocky Shore, Op. 170

CD 2:
Our Need for Consolation is Insatiable, Op. 52

CD 3:
BlindPoint, Op. 183
Sotto voce, Op. 125
Hentai, Op. 158
Tapovan, Op. 181

CD 4-5:
Les Cris de Tatibagan, Op. 182

CD 6:
Piano dans le ciel, Op. 116
The Green Lily, Op. 26

CD 7:
Allegory, Op. 83

CD 8:
Acousmatic Variations, Op. 157
Blue Suite, Op. 27
Jarpeggios - Short Suite, Op. 7
Suite in Three Movements, Op. 22

CD 9:
Twelve Acousmatic Melodies, Op. 50
Ten Portraits, Op. 31b

CD 10:
Song from the Highest Tower, Op. 110

CD 11:
Ebene Sieben, Op. 97
Terra incognita, Op. 101
Ryoan-Ji (The Kyoto Rock Garden), Op. 153
Stone Cloud, Op. 153

CD 12:
Air, Op. 190
Caravaggio, Op. 108
Mystic Geometry, Op. 124
The Curse of Flames, Op. 114
Panic at the Water's Edge, Op. 115
Adam's Psalm, Op. 42

CD 13:
The Apocalypse According to Angers, Op. 19a

CD 14:
Adam's Psalm, Op. 189
In Paradisum, Op. 164

CD 15:
Lux tenebrae, Op. 98
Berechit, Op. 113
Organa, Op. 109
Rond de jambe, Op. 15
The Wall, Op. 154b

CD 16:
The Blob, Op. 146
Starlike Spirit, Op. 137
Dionaea, Op. 139
Aristée et Eurydice, Op. 167
So Tender, so Doomed, Op. 174
The Maze of Love, Op. 035
Augen Licht, Op. 147
The Tango of Oblivion, Op. 126
With the release of this box, KAIROS undertakes the first step of the monumental task to document Denis Dufour’s complete acousmatic works. When you think of the extraordinary eclecticism, the sheer profusion and diversity of Denis Dufour’s sonic offerings that make up this first 16-disc box set, you’ll either feel that you’ve heard all there is to say about this composer, or that there still remains a whole lot more. Our need for music is insatiable, but Dufour’s musical-sonic oeuvre, his poly-polar acousmatic art, soars a thousand miles above the rest. May this first box set of a larger anthology demonstrate how he will have become one of the few to break the space-time barrier through his unique ability to incapsulate others and unite the dissociated outer worlds of sound, thus incarnating the voluptuous chaos of the music of his time.

Recording dates: 1977-2020

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