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Wydawnictwo: Accent
Nr katalogowy: ACC 24383
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: styczeń 2022
EAN: 4015023243835
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Epoka muzyczna: barok
Obszar (język): czeski, niemiecki
Instrumenty: trąbka, róg
Rodzaj: sonata

Biber / Vejvanovsky: Trumpet Music at the Court of Kroměříž

Accent - ACC 24383
Heinrich Biber (1644-1704)
Pavel Josef Vejvanovsky (1639-1693)
Antonio Bertali, Johann Jakob Froberger
Jean-François Madeuf, trumpet, horn
The Rossetti Players / Barbara Konrad
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Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber:
Trombet- undt musikalischer Taffeldienst a 4
Sonata IV a 5
Sonata X a 5
Sonata a 6

Antonio Bertali:
Sonata a 5

Anonymous R.P.F.G.:
Sonatina a 3

Anonymous (Pavel Josef Vejvanovský?):
Sonata da caccia con un cornu

Pavel Josef Vejvanovský:
Sonata a 4 « Be mollis »

Sonata a 4

Johann Jakob Froberger:
Ricercare II
H.I.F. Biber and P.J. Vejvanovsky already knew each other from their education at the Jesuit College in Troppau, Silesia, and both musicians came to the episcopal court in Kromeriz. While Biber did not return from a business trip without permission after only a short time and made a career as a violinist in Salzburg, Vejvanovsky remained in Kromeriz for the rest of his life and worked there as a Kapellmeister.

The fruitful collaboration between the two musicians led to a series of chamber music works in which the trumpet is used on an equal footing with the violin. These works show that Vejvanovsky must have been an outstanding trumpeter, for in his time the only instrument available was the natural trumpet, in which the player had to produce all the notes with his lips alone. In these pieces, the trumpet sometimes plays in keys in which not all the notes are contained in the trumpet's natural tone row. Jean-François Madeuf is one of the very few trumpeters today who have mastered playing on the natural trumpet (without auxiliary holes) and presents this special repertoire from Kromeriz /Salzburg on this instrument for the first time.

Recorded at Franziskaner Kirche, Vienna (Austria), 18-20 September 2018. Instrumentarium: trumpet - copy after Conrad Droschel (ca. 1640, Museum Lübeck) by Markus Raquet (Bamberg, 2005); horn - copy after a painting by Haussmann by Friedbert Syhre (1991).

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