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Wydawnictwo: Analekta
Nr katalogowy: AN 28723
Nośnik: 1 CD+DVD
Data wydania: wrzesień 2003
EAN: 774204872328
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Instrumenty: skrzypce

Angela Dubeau Infernal Violins

Analekta - AN 28723

Binder Carl; Boccherini Luigi; de Falla Manuel; Dompierre François; Liszt Franz; Morricone Ennio; Paganini Nicolo; Rolling Stones; Saint-Saëns Camille;Tartini Giuseppe
Angela Dubeau, violin
La Pieta
Nagrody i rekomendacje
Classicstoday.com 10/10
Infernal Violins

Danse Macabre

Ouverture Orpheus

The Devil's Trill

Les Beautes du diable
Le diable matou

De Falla:
El amor Brujo

Mefisto Waltz

Caprice No. 24

Sinfonia no. 4 Nella del diavolo

One Upon a Time... The Devil
So I'll tell you this hell of a story in all its ins and outs; but if there be among you some rascals that have a mind to chase hobgoblins and werewolves, I warn you they better go look outside if the tawny owls are causing pandemonium, because I'm going to start my story by crossing myself seriously, to drive away the Devil and his imps. I had enough of them damned ones in my younger days.”

Honoré Beaugrand, La Chasse-galerie, 1891.

Since the dawn of mankind, music has maintained fascinating and singular relations with the underworld and black magic. Prehistoric man already sought to appease the telluric powers with his haunting drumbeats and incantations. In the Middle Ages, the forces of evil and the Devil himself were often warded off or even mocked right out in front of churches...

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