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Wydawnictwo: BMC Records
Nr katalogowy: BMCCD 144
Nośnik: 1 CD
EAN: 5998309301445
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Epoka muzyczna: 20 wiek do 1960
Obszar (język): węgierski

Kodaly: St. Gregory’s Day

BMC Records - BMCCD 144
MR Children’s Choir
MR Choir / Adam Fischer
St. Gregory’s Day
King Ladislaus’ Men
Ode to Franz Liszt
Te Deum of Sándor Silk
Jesus and the Traders
The Aged
Transylvanian Lament
Mátra Pictures
The Hungarian Radio Choir sings the majority of the works on this superb disc – MR stands for Magyar Rádió. The Hungarian Radio Children’s Choir sing the others. Both groups are directed by the distinguished Hungarian conductor, Ádám Fischer.

The disc opens with St. Gregory’s Day, a gay and lively series of folk melodies with a bagpipe drone coda added at the end. King Ladislaus’ Men, again based on folk themes, is more serious, evoking a children’s game wherein one group of children plays the part of German soldiers guarding a ruined bridge, whilst another represents Hungarians wanting to cross. Writing about the first piece in the accompanying notes – of which more later – Anna Dalos refers to “tunes of narrow range, close to one another, and easy for children to sing.” Well, easy it may be, but one can only marvel at the quality of the children’s singing here, in particular the absolutely spot-on tuning. Furthermore, and bearing in mind that Hungarian is a famously impenetrable language for many of us, the unanimity of attack ensures that the words are crystal-clear. Whitsuntide is a longer piece dealing with both the Christian feast and pagan spring rituals associated with it. The notes refer to both this piece and the previous one as suites, meaning a series of folk tunes one after the other, and whether it be simple homophonic harmonisations, imitative passages over drones or a host of other techniques, Kodály’s inventiveness never flags. Since the melodies themselves are delightful and the singing so spirited, I can’t recommend too highly these three pieces for children’s choir. Don’t expect King’s College trebles though: this is lusty children’s singing with lots of chest voice. Unmissable.

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