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Wydawnictwo: BMC Records
Nr katalogowy: BMCCD 270
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: listopad 2018
EAN: 5998309302701
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Epoka muzyczna: współczesna
Obszar (język): węgierski
Instrumenty: fortepian

Rozsnyoi: Serenity Prayer

BMC Records - BMCCD 270
Peter Rozsnyoi (ur. 1980)
Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Jimmy Van Heusen
Péter Rozsnyói, piano
Péter Rozsnyói:
Little Song

Cole Porter:
What Is This Thing Called Love

George Gershwin:
Someone To Watch Over Me

Jimmy Van Heusen:
It Could Happen To You
At a certain level of maturity most creative artists realise that the journey is the destination. Not all of them, however, are able to get to the level of abstraction of 38-year-old Péter Rozsnyói. He was able to put how he felt about this into words when the recording was finished: every beginning is an end, anything that opens something, also closes something. You can only pray to be able to understand and internalise what cannot change, and to change what needs to be changed. After two trio albums this is the very first solo piano recording that Rozsnyói has released. It is a daringly honest confession of his life to date, flowing in a Bach of consciousness.

The recording clearly consists of three layers, though all of it was recorded in one live session. With tapes rolling, Rozsnyói entered the podium of the Opus Jazz Club, sat down to the piano, and improvised to an especially attentive audience. The most important layer of the recording is provided by the poetic quality of these completely improvised pieces, which strive for transcendence. They are composed by Rozsnyói, but not in the capacity of composer, rather in that of the improviser, nevertheless all these tracks can be perceived as if they were masterfully crafted compositions. Little Song, the only original composition by him on the record, to all those who have heard it in the trio version, reveals how Rozsnyói is able to think in terms of forms and in concepts. It may well be that this tune demonstrates how Rozsnyói the poet works with his material. Standards by Porter, Gershwin and Van Heusen, forming the third layer, are able to evoke a light, smiling, unclouded atmosphere and therefore provide the welcome balance to all the sounds uttered with palms pressed together.

Rozsnyói has reached an outstanding milestone in his career with this recording. He was very much aware of the significance of the moment, when he realised his heart-rate was really up as he stepped onto the podium of the Opus Jazz Club to face both the audience and the recording red light. He had not felt stage fright for decades.

Recorded live by Zsolt Kiss on 21 June, 2017 at Opus Jazz Club, Budapest

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