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Wydawnictwo: Hyperion
Nr katalogowy: CDA 67868
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: lipiec 2011
EAN: 34571178684
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Epoka muzyczna: średniowiecze
Obszar (język): angielski

Music for Henry V & the House of Lancaster

Hyperion - CDA 67868

Henry V Lancaster, Leonel Power, John Cooke, Damett, Sturgeon, Walter Frye
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Diapason 5 BBC Music Choice Gramophone Critic's Choice
Henry V (1386-1422):

The Office for St John of Bridlington Johannis solemnitas digne celebretur

Asperges me, Domine

Missa Quem malignus spiritus

Ave regina caelorum

Leonel Power (d1445):
Ave regina caelorum

Missa Quem malignus spiritus

Gloriosae virginis

Leonel Power (d1445):
Gloriosae virginis

Missa Quem malignus spiritus

[? Thomas]Damett (? 1389/90-between 15 July 1436 and 14 April 1437):
Salvatoris mater

O Georgi Deo care

John Cooke (c1385-?1442):
Alma proles

Christi miles

[? Nicholas]Sturgeon (d1454):
Salve mater Domini

Salve templum gratie

Missa Quem malignus spiritus

Ite missa est – Agimus tibi gratias

Tota pulchra es

Walter Frye (d1475):
Ave regina caelorum a 4
The English cyclic Mass ‘Quem malignus spiritus’ and ceremonial motets for fifteenth-century princely chapels

The Binchois Consort presents a disc which demonstrates the beauty and grandeur of the music performed daily in princely chapels of fifteenth-century England. It illustrates the sheer variety of types of singing, some of it virtuosic in its brilliance. Specifically it offers sacred ceremonial pieces written either for Henry V himself, as King, or to invoke the saintly patron of the House of Lancaster, John of Bridlington, as well as a selection of intricate motets.

Scholarly notes by Philip Weller place this music firmly in its historical context, and the Binchois performances represent the highest standard of early music singing of the present day. Every nuance is considered and each phrase is relished in this immaculately polished disc.

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