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Wydawnictwo: Cobra
Nr katalogowy: COBRA 0085
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: marzec 2022
EAN: 8713897904918
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Epoka muzyczna: barok
Obszar (język): niemiecki
Instrumenty: obój, fortepian
Rodzaj: fantazja

Telemann: Fantasia! Dialogue for one

Cobra - COBRA 0085
Pauline Oostenrijk, oboe & piano
Fantasia in b minor, TWV 40:4
Fantasia in e minor, TWV 33:21
Fantasia in a minor, TWV 40:3
Fantasia in C major, TWV 33:14
Fantasia in C major, TWV 40:6
Fantasia in d minor, TWV 33:2
Fantasia in d minor, TWV 40:7
Fantasia in g minor, TWV 33:29 - Soave
Fantasia in b minor, TWV 33:33
Fantasia in e minor, TWV 40:9
Fantasia in A major, TWV 33:31
Postludium In Memoriam, after TWV 33:19/33:21/33:31
In 2020, Pauline Oostenrijk surprised with the CD The Notes are Swallows, on which she can be heard not only as an oboist, but also as a pianist. With the CD Fantasia! Dialogue for One she continues on this path, this time with the magnificent Fantasias by Georg Philipp Telemann. In these short, varied solo pieces, written in a free form without a fixed structure, dialogues are constantly taking place. In the Fantasias for piano (orig. harpsichord), these are dialogues between the left and right hands; in the Fantasias for oboe (orig. flute) the dialogues are suggested in a refined way. The alternation between oboe and piano also creates a dialogue between the two instruments on the CD, and between Pauline as an oboist and Pauline as a pianist. A multi-layered dialogue for one person.

Pauline takes this idea further in the CD booklet, with ‘dialogues for one person’ in the form of letters she wrote to deceased souls. She addresses souls without whom, in her words, ‘this CD would never have sounded the way it does’. The last track of the CD contains a Postludium In Memoriam for oboe, created by Pauline on the basis of themes and motifs from Telemann’s Fantasias for piano. “A tribute,” she writes, “to the departed souls I miss and with whom I regularly have ‘dialogues for one person’.”

In Fantasia! Dialogue for One, Pauline Oostenrijk once again uses her versatility, resulting in an even more personal document than the previous CD.

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