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Wydawnictwo: Delphian
Seria: EMAP
Nr katalogowy: DCD 34188
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: wrzesień 2018
EAN: 801918341885
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Apollo & Dionysus - Sounds from Classical Antiquity

Delphian - DCD 34188
Stef Corner
Barnaby Brown
Callum Armstrong
Olga Sutkowska
John Kenny
Justus Willberg
Rupert Till
Invocation of the Muse [Mesomedes]
From Berlin manuscript 6870 (20–22)
Plagiaulos variations 1
Low and Sweet
12th Pythian Ode [Pindar]
From Bellermann §98
Tiaso - introduction
Study on Bellermann §100
Study on Bellermann §101
Gallops and Fanfares
Delphic Paean [Athenaios]
Study on Bellermann §99
Plagiaulos variations 2
Study on Bellermann §98 – Phrygian
Study on Bellermann §98 – Lydian
Tiaso - first episode
From Bellermann §104
Quodlibet on Bellermann §§100 & 80
From Michigan manuscript inv. 1250
Tiaso - second episode
Aulos variations (after Bellermann §98)
From Berlin manuscript 6870 (13–15)
On an Armenian folk tune
Aulos variations 2
On an Armenian folk tune (2)
The Greek and Roman cultures of classical antiquity have left an indelible mark on European society. The Greek ‘muse’ is the origin of our concept of ‘music’, and ancient Greek culture included concert performances with a listening audience, hundreds of years before the rest of the continent.

This fifth and final volume in Delphian’s landmark collaboration with the European Music Archaeology Project includes pieces based on fragments of musical notation, found by archaeologists carved into stone or written on papyrus and dated to between 300 BC and 300 AD, as well as new music created to give a contemporary voice to the instruments of the period. Reconstructed by experts drawing on the latest archaeological research, these include the aulos – a double-reed instrument played in pairs and often depicted as belonging to the retinue of the god Dionysus – and the hydraulis, or Roman water organ.

Recorded at University of Huddersfield, and on 23 October 2017 in the Kulturzentrum Karmeliterkirche, Weißenburg in Bayern, Germany (all others), 20 November 2015 (Tr. 4 & 10); 4-8 June 2017 (Tr. 3-7, 13, 16, 20-22 & 25); 29 November 2017 (Tr. 1, 5 & 11)

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