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Wydawnictwo: Karonte
Nr katalogowy: JOTA 0320
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: listopad 2020
EAN: 8428353632013
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Epoka muzyczna: średniowiecze
Obszar (język): hiszpański

Instruments to Praise Holy Mary

Karonte - JOTA 0320
Jota Martínez & Ensemble Alfonsí
CSM 1 - Des oge mais quer´eu trovar
CSM 8 - Pedro de Sigrar, el jograr de
CSM 34 + 77 - El Icono del Judío + Sta Ma de Lugo
CSM 100 - Santa María strela do día
CSM 120 - Quantos me creveren loaran
CSM 129 - La Saetada de Murviedro (Sagunto)
CSM 165-365 - La defensa de Tortosa
CSM 169 - Virgen de la Arreixaca de Murcia
CSM 189 - El romero de Valencia (Instrumental)
CSM 238 - El Juglar Tahur
CSM 339 - Milagro en el mar de Alicante
CSM 192-397 - El moro de Consuegra
The Alphonsian manuscripts, perfectly illuminated and miniatured, are a firstrate iconographic reference to learn about the customs and way of life of their time. It could not be otherwise, and given his great passion for music, many musical instruments put in the hands of his musicians were also represented.

From this moment on all musical instruments and sound contraptions represented in the Alphonsian manuscripts, we will call them "Alphonsian instruments", and the collection of all instruments will be called "Alphonsian Musical Instrumentarium".

It is clear that they are only representations of instruments that were known at the time. Some of them, of the classical tradition, some totally fashionable and others, possibly, being developed and experimented at that precise moment, as it will be showed in the organological study that I am preparing and that I will be publishing shortly. But it seems practical and correct to use a name that brings them all together, and I consider this to be appropriate.

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