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Wydawnictwo: Etcetera
Nr katalogowy: KTC 1530
Nośnik: 10 CD
Data wydania: czerwiec 2015
EAN: 8711801015309
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Epoka muzyczna: współczesna
Obszar (język): belgijski, holenderski

Forbidden Music World War II

Etcetera - KTC 1530

Henriëtte Bosmans [1895-1952]; Lex van Delden [1919-1988]; Jan van Gilse [1881-1944]; Dick Kattenburg [1919-1944]; Ignace Lilien [1897-1964]; Leo Smit [1900-1943]; Rosy Wertheim [1888-1949]; Nico Richter [1915-1945]; Marius Flothuis [1914-2001]; Sem Dresden [1881-1957]; Wilhelm Rettich [1892-1988]; Leo Kok [1893-1992]; Mischa HillEsum [1920-1944]; Sim Gokkes [1897-1943]; Daniël Belinfante [1893-1945]; Theo Smit Sibinga [1899-1958]; Martin Spanjaard [1892-1942]; Bob Hanf [1894-1944]; Marjo Tal [1915-2006]
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Nederlands Kamerkoor
Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra
Isabelle Van Keulen
Ronald Brautigam
Pieter Wispelwey
Eleonore Pameijer
Utrecht String Quartet
Dmitri Ferschtman
Frans Van Ruth
Viotta Ensemble
Ebony Quartet
Leo Smit Ensemble
Nagrody i rekomendacje
ICMA Award Nomination Gramophone Editor's Choice
CD 1:
Henriette Bosmans:
Concertstuk voor fluit en kamerorkest
Poeme voor piano en orkest
Concertino voor piano en orkest
Nuit calme voor cello en piano(1926) - Tres lent
Sonate voor violoncello en piano (1919)

CD 2:
Lex van Delden:
Concerto per due orcherstra d'archi, Op. 71
Piccolo concerto, Op. 67
Musica sinfonica, Op. 93 for orchestra
Sinfonia no 3 'Facets', Op. 45 for orchestra
Sonate per violino e pianoforte Op. 82

CD 3:
Jan van Gilse:
Concert overture in C minor; Nonet

CD 4:
Dick Kattenburg:
Allegro Moderato for Viola and Piano
Piece for Flute and Piano
Escapades for Two Violins
Palestinian Songs for Voice and Piano
Compositions for Piano 4 Hands
Romanian Melody for Violin, Cello and Piano
Sonata for Flute and Piano
Tempo Di Blues for Piano Solo
Alla Marcia for Violin and Piano
Quartet for Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano

CD 5:
Ignace Lilien:
Modern Times Sonata' for Piano and Violin
Veronica - Vier Liederen Für Eine Singstimme mit Klaviertbegeleitung
Mietskaserne - Vier Lieder Eine Singstimme und Klavier
Quatre Chansons Des Mendiants
Les Indolents

CD 6:
Leo Smit:
Concertino for violoncello and orchestra
Concert for viola and strings
Trio for clarinet, viola and piano
Sonate for flute and piano

CD 7:
Rosy Wertheim:
Sonatine for Cello and Piano
Sonata for Piano and Violin
String Quartet
Trois Morceaux for Flute and Piano
Three Preludes for 'Lancelot'
Trois Chansons for Soprano, Flute and Piano
Zwei Lieder
Four Songs on Dutch Poems for Soprano and Piano

CD 8:
Nico Richter:
Twee stukken voor viool en piano
Het Lyk voor bariton en piano
Trio voor fluit, altviool en gitaar
Serenade voor fluit, viool en altviool
Sonatine voor piano solo

Marius Flothuis:
Pour le Tombeau d'Orphee Danse Elegiaque pour Harpe, Op. 37
Sonata Da Camera, Op. 42
Aubade for flute solo
Sonata Da Camera, Op. 17
Concert voor fluit en orkest, Op. 19

CD 9:
Sam Dresden:

Wilhelm Rettich:
Heft 1, Hebräische Balladen

Leo Kok:
Sept Mélodies Retrouvées

CD 10:
Mischa Hillesum:
Prelude no. 1
Prelude no. 2

Sim Gokkes:
Adônoj moloch (Psalm 93)
Tsaddik kattomor (Psalm 92)
Min hamesar (Psalm 118)

Daniel Belinfante:
Third Sonatine for piano

Theo Smit Sibinga:
Trois Images (for flute and harp)

Bob Hanf:
Kleine Suite

Marjo Tal:
La Chanson Fatale (Paul Fort)
Couplet de la rue de Bagnolet (Robert Desnos)
Le dernier poeme (Robert Desnos)
Fille de Mars-Garçon d'Avril (Jacques Prévert)
Paris est tout petit (Jacques Prévert)

Four Songs on Dutch Poems for Soprano and Piano (1933) (Ada Gerlow text) - IV. Herrfstliedje
Drei Lieder - In stiller Nacht, Aus grün Fluten, Das scheidende Schiff
This CD box set, released seventy years after World War II ended, contains music composed by those who were persecuted during that same war; any performance of these works was strictly forbidden at the time. Nineteen Dutch composers were deported to concentration camps of which only six survived the atrocities. Others went into hiding or they survived using fake identities. Almost all saw their musical career end inopportunely.

The untimely loss of these composers dealt a severe blow to Dutch music history and as a result the musical landscape was completely altered. A new generation of musicians was eager to fill the void and during these years of reconstruction a new type of music evolved rapidly moving towards what was later called modernism. The new aesthetics pushed composers away from writing a charming melody, using harmonious chords, or pleasing and moving the audience. Pre-war music was considered corny, dilettantish, conservative and hopelessly outdated. Instead, atonality, extremism and a conceptual outlook dominated the scene.

Therefore, this box set is designed to revalidate the generation of composers that was lost in the war. Over the past twenty years, The Leo Smit Foundation has done research on these maltreated, forgotten composers and their works. Artistic manager Eleonore Pameijer assisted Etcetera in assembling the set from a collection of previously released recordings on a range of other labels. CD no. 10 however, contains a number of surprises and premieres on CD.

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