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Wydawnictwo: Pneuma
Nr katalogowy: PN 1520
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: październik 2015
EAN: 8428353515200
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Epoka muzyczna: średniowiecze
Obszar (język): hiszpański, arabski

Ibn Arabi. Morada de la Luz

Pneuma - PN 1520
Musica Sufi-Andalusi / Eduardo Paniagua
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2 Mi corazón adopta todas las formas. Muwwál modo Síka, versión “Laqad Sára Qalbí” - Poema de Ibn 'Arabí, 1165-1240. Fragmento casida XI de Taryumán al-ashwáq. Omar Metioui, 'úd (laúd), Said Belcadi, canto, Eduardo Paniagua, producción
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9 Brilló el relámpago. Dawr tawíl. Modo Raml l-Máya. 3o parte de Salámun ´alá Salmá
10 El secreto encuentro. Muwwál tawíl. Alá yá nasíma
11 Senor de los senores. Yá Sayyida. Twíshya y darch Raml l-Máya
12 Sus laderas son suaves. El jardín de la hospitalidad. Muwwál kámil. Raqqat hawáshíhá
Pneuma recorded this selection of sung poems and mystical melodies to celebrate the 850th anniversary of the birth of Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi, as a way to explore both the living legacy of this universal Andalusí artist and the significance of Sufism and the Islamic spirituality of the performers of these works. Music and poetry converge in Ibn Arabi, two complete and universal expressions of Andalusí culture.

THE MOVEMENT OF LOVE The movement that gives rise to the existence of the universe is the movement of love. Ibn Arabi, Fusus al-hikam (The Seals of Wisdom) Sufi mystic, thinker and poet, Muhyiddin Muhammad Ibn Arabi is one of history's greatest spiritual teachers. He was born in Murcia, al-Andalus, in the year 1165 AD, and his works have had an enormous impact on the Islamic world and on religious thought in its universal dimension, still inspiring even today. After his death in Damascus in the year 1240, Ibn Arabi’s works and teachings were passed on through his disciple Sadr ad-Din Qunawi, to whom he had bequeathed his collection of books. The content of Ibn Arabi’s works was also spread by the Sufis and through popular poetry. THE GREATEST OF MASTERS Muhammad ibn Ali ibn al-Arabi, known as Ibn Arabi or Abenarabi, was a spiritual master who was devoted to Sufism, the contemplative path of Islam. He proposed knowledge of God and his manifestations through inner enlightenment engendered by poetry and theosophy. He explained the study of the Koran and the traditional branches of knowledge, such as alchemy, as a system, through the detailed interpretation of his experiences and profound states of mystical and visionary consciousness. His wandering spirit led him to travel through several countries in the West and the Islamic East where he met other mystics and spread their knowledge. He defined himself as a dragoman, - an interpreter, a guide - of passion, a translator of the most ardent divine yearning and an heir to prophetic wisdom. He left more than three hundred written works, among which is al-Futuhât al-makkiyya (The Meccan Illuminations), an encyclopaedia of spiritual knowledge. He is the author of exquisite and profound Arabic verses. The songs on this CD are taken from the lyrical work "Interpreter of Desires”. He is also known as "the reviver of religion" or "the greatest of masters".

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