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Wydawnictwo: SWR Music
Nr katalogowy: SWR 19066
Nośnik: 9 CD
Data wydania: październik 2018
EAN: 747313906680
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Epoka muzyczna: klasycyzm
Obszar (język): niemiecki
Instrumenty: fortepian, róg
Rodzaj: koncert, symfonia, serenada

Mozart: Concertos/Symphonies/Serenades

SWR Music - SWR 19066
Maria Bergmann, piano
Géza Anda, piano
Friedrich Gulda, piano
Monique Haas, piano
Robert Casadesus, piano
Dennis Brain, horn
Domenico Ceccarossi, horn
Helmut Müller, faggott
Horst Schneider, oboe
Ernst Bodensohn, flute
Annemarie Schmeißer, harp
Ludwig Bus, violin
Ulrich Koch, viola
Suzanne Danco, soprano
Maria Bergmann, piano
Helmut Krebs, tenor
Kim Borg, bass
Südwestfunk-Orchester Baden-Baden / Hans Rosbaud
Utwory na płycie:
CD 1:
Klavierkonzert Nr. 9 Es-Dur, KV 271
Klavierkonzert Nr. 17 G-Dur, KV 453

CD 2:
Klavierkonzert Nr. 14 Es-Dur, KV 449
Klavierkonzert Nr. 21 C-Dur, KV 467
Klavierkonzert Nr. 23 A-Dur, KV 488

CD 3:
Klavierkonzert Nr. 23 A-Dur, KV 488
Hornkonzert Nr. 2 Es-Dur, KV 417
Hornkonzert Nr. 3 Es-Dur, KV 447
Hornkonzert Nr. 2 Es-Dur, KV 417

CD 4:
Konzert für Fagott und Orchester B-Dur, KV 186e
Konzert für Oboe und Orchester C-Dur, KV 314a
Konzert für Flöte, Harfe und Orchester C-Dur, KV 299 (KV 297c)

CD 5:
Sinfonia concertante für Violine, Viola und Orchester Es-Dur, KV 364 (320d)
Sinfonie D-Dur, KV 297 (300a) (Pariser)
Sinfonie C-Dur, KV 425 (Linzer)

CD 6:
Sinfonie D-Dur, KV 504 (Prager)
Sinfonie g-Moll, KV 550

CD 7:
Serenade (Notturno) D-Dur, KV 286 (KV 269a), für 4 Orchester
Serenade Nr. 13 G-Dur, KV 525
Serenade für 2 Oboen, 2 Klarinetten, 2 Hörner, 2 Fagotte Es-Dur, KV 375

CD 8:
Serenade für 13 Bläser B-Dur, KV 361

CD 9:
Die Zauberflöte - Ouverture, KV 620
Der Schauspieldirektor - Ouverture, KV 486
Ch'io mi scordi di te – non tremer, amato bene, KV 505
Se al labbro mio non credi, KV 295
Or che il dover – Tali e contanti sono, KV 36 (KV 33i)
Va, dal furor portata, KV 21 (19c)
Con ossequio, con rispetto, KV 210
Per questa bella mano, KV 612
Mentre ti lascio o figlia, KV 513
During his time in Baden-Baden, Hans Rosbaud conducted a representative selection of Mozart's solo concertos (principally those for piano), symphonies, serenades and, fortunately for us, the composer's rarely recorded concert arias. He was able to present Mozart’s immediately charming melodies with a judicious amount of shaping, particularly pleasing in Kleine Nachtmusik. As in his other recordings of classicalromantic repertoire, Rosbaud excels at highlighting a work's structural characteristics. Equally notable is his careful handling of the wind parts: he draws attention to Mozart’s distinctive orchestral scoring and presents interaction between the orchestral families as a dialogue on stage. This is especially true for the solo concertos in which the role of the orchestra is never reduced to one of mere accompaniment. Rosbaud also highlights this characteristic in the symphonies and serenades, no doubt hoping that future interpretations would take their lead from this practice.

Recordings im Studio 5 des SWF (später Hans-Rosbaud- Studio); Dates: 1 - 28.03.1956; 15.03.1952 / 2 - 16.01.1962; 19.11.1956; 14.04.1959 / 3 - 15.01.1962; 06.05.1953; 21.12.1955 / 4 - 23.06.1956; 15.06.1957; 19.12.1962 / 5 - 22.02.1960; 28.06.1956

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