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Wydawnictwo: Tacet
Seria: Domenico Scarlatti Sonatas
Nr katalogowy: TACET 263
Nośnik: 2 CD
Data wydania: marzec 2020
EAN: 4009850026303
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Epoka muzyczna: barok
Obszar (język): włoski
Instrumenty: fortepian
Rodzaj: sonata

Scarlatti: Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 4

Tacet - TACET 263
Christoph Ullrich, piano
Nagrody i rekomendacje
ICMA Award Nomination klassik heute 10 Pizzicato 5
CD 1:
E minor K. 147 (L. 376)
Andante A minor K. 148 (L. 64)
Allegro A minor K. 149 (L. 93)
Allegro F Major K. 150 (L. 117)
Andante allegro F Major K. 151 (L. 330)
Allegro G Major K. 152 (L. 179)
Vivo G Major K. 153 (L. 445)
Allegro B Flat Major K. 154 (L. 96)
Allegro B Flat Major K. 155 (L. 197)
Allegro C Major K. 156 (L. 101)
Allegro C Major K. 157 (L. 405)
Andante C minor K. 158 (L. 4)
Allegro C Major K. 159 (L. 104)
Allegro D Major K. 160 (L. 15)
Allegro D Major K. 161 (L. 417)
Andante – Allegro E Major K. 162 (L. 21)
Allegro E Major K. 163 (L. 63)
Andante moderato D Major K. 164 (L. 59)
Andante C Major K. 165 (L. 52)

CD 2:
Allegro ma non molto C Major K. 166 (L. 51)
Allegro F Major K. 167 (L. 329)
Vivo F Major K. 168 (L. 280)
Allegro G Major K. 169 (L. 331)
Andante moderato e cantabile – Allegro C Major K. 170 (L. 303)
Allegro G Major K. 171 (L. 77)
Allegro B Flat Major K. 172 (L. S40)
Allegro B minor K. 173 (L. 447)
Allegro C minor K. 174 (L. 410)
Allegro A minor K. 175 (L. 429)
Cantabile andante – Allegrissimo D minor K. 176 (L. 163)
You know this phenomenon? You impose restrictions on yourself and watch a thing or do an operation within these limits, and as a result you extend the horizon and find a new world seeming bigger than the whole. It is like a magnifier showing new details hidden under the roughness of the surface. Welcome in the world of 555 Domenico Scarlatti piano sonatas! Most of them have only one movement with one double bar in the middle and two repetitions. In his self-created cosmos Scarlatti moves totally spontaneous, confident and unsystematical. Inside the system he breaks nearly all rules such as 4 bar scheme, style, rhythms, colours, playful like a child that does not know if there are any limits and where they are. However you have to take the magnifier, otherwise you stay outside on the surface. This is exactly what Christoph Ullrich does. He looks for every sonata and its character in detail and lives all the playfulness of Scarlatti with enthousiasm. Volume 4, seventh release of the 17 part complete edition shows another chaotic solar system of the Scarlatti universe. Fascinating, weird, glittering and beautiful!

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