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Wydawnictwo: Wergo
Nr katalogowy: WER 64142
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: styczeń 2015
EAN: 4010228641424
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Epoka muzyczna: współczesna
Obszar (język): polski

Szmytka: Bloody Cherries

Wergo - WER 64142
Ensemble Interface
Ensemble Garage
leise dröhnung / Mariano Chiacchiarini
electrified memories of bloody cherries
for travellers like angels or vampires
hand saw WeltAll-Stars. Generously
sky-me, type-me
pores open wide shut
f* for music
greetings from a doppelgänger
The idea of a physical music is shaped by the present CD, which is portrayed by the composer Jagoda Szmytka from Poland. Szmytka takes the physicality of sound into the eye and examines, inter alia, the contact between the interpreter and the instrumental body. In "hand saw WeltAll stars. Generously ", for example, she deals with the hand as the main body of the instrumentalist, while a gesture" cell "in the form of an ascending glissando is moving the piece" for travelers like angels or vampires "in a variety of ways. "Your music is a body" (Michael Rebhahn) - so the physical aspects of the composer's music are crucial. In doing so, Szmytka drives both the performers to their physical limits as well as themselves in the context of the composition process.

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