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Wydawnictwo: Col Legno
Nr katalogowy: WWE 20440
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: kwiecień 2018
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Instrumenty: klarnet, tuba

Standchen der Dinge

Col Legno - WWE 20440

Johannes Eder, clarinet, bass clarinet
Andreas Fuetsch, tuba
Romed Hopfgartner, soprano & alto saxophone, clarinet
Markus Kraler, double bass, accordion
Angelika Rainer, harp, zither, vocals
Bettina Rainer, dulcimer, vocals
Markus Rainer, trumpet, vocals
Martin Senfter, valve trombone, vocals
Nikolai Tunkowitsch, violin
Nagrody i rekomendacje
Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik Jahres Preis
Creampuffs from Vienna
Trockne Blumen (feat. Florian Boesch)
Schreibt die Ortsbäuerin
Der Wanderer an den Mond
Der Umkehrende (Nr. 4, Auszug) (read by Dörte Lyssewski)
Es wandelt was wir schauen
Die Meere - Geht es immer so weiter? (feat. Peter Simonischek)
Husch Pfusch Tusch
Da unten im Tale
No. 24 Leiermann (feat. Bertl Mütter)
Kompassmesse - ER (Air)
Kompassmesse - Reise nach Jerusalem
Lied von denen die alles schon wissen (feat. Hans Magnus Enzensberger)
Kehr ein bei mir (read by Sven-Eric Bechtolf)
Du bist die Ruh (feat. Nikolaus Habjan)
When I consider (feat. Karsten Riedel)
Beugungen (feat. Wolfgang Mitterer)
Adam & Eva
Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen
In die Dunkelheit
Franui celebrate their twenty-fifth year – a welcome occasion for an anniversary album, with many guests and fellow travellers, some new pieces, some old but previously unreleased recordings, and some of our greatest musical moments from the past quarter century, including tracks from albums that have been out of print for years. The rest is history: The musicbanda is named after a mountain pasture located some 2,300 meters above sea level, near the small village of Innervillgraten in the south of Austria. The memorable sound of their music is created from wood and brass instruments and plucked and bowed strings. From the funeral marches that first earned them popularity outside their native province the band inevitably proceeded to the dance floor. Located somewhere in between these two poles are their highly original “appropriations” of Romantic lieder, with Schubert as their patron saint. And so the journey continues – from the abandoned hayloft at the head of the valley to Europe’s major festivals and venues.

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