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Wydawnictwo: Bis
Nr katalogowy: BIS 2613
Nośnik: 9 CD
Data wydania: sierpień 2021
EAN: 7318590026137
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Epoka muzyczna: romantyzm
Obszar (język): hiszpański
Instrumenty: fortepian
Rodzaj: sonata, etiuda, suita

Albeniz: The Complete Piano Music

Bis - BIS 2613
Miguel Baselga, piano
Tenerife Symphony Orchestra / Lü Jia
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Utwory na płycie:
CD 1:
Iberia (1er Cahier)
12 Piezas Caracteristicas, Op. 92
Mallorca (Barcarola), Op. 202

CD 2:
Iberia (Second Book)
Siete estudios en los tonos naturales mayores (Seven Studies in the Natural Major Keys), Op. 65
Alhambra - La Vega (February 1897 version)
Amalia, Op. 95, Mazurka de salón
Ricordatti, Op. 96, Mazurka de salón
Espagne (Souvenirs)

CD 3:
Iberia (Third Book)
Zambra granadina (Danse orientale)
Pavana muy fácil para manos pequenas, Op. 83
Espana, 6 hojas de album, Op. 165
Barcarola, Op. 23
Rapsodia Cubana, Op. 66
Angustia (romanza sin palabras)

CD 4:
Iberia (Fourth Book) (Torres 105)
6 pequenos valses (T. 47)
Sonata No. 3 (T. 69)
Suite ancienne No. 1 (T. 62)
Serenata árabe (T. 60)

CD 5:
Suite Espagnole (T. 61)
Sonata No. 4 (T. 75)
Suite Ancienne No. 2 (T. 66)
Arbola Azpian (Zortzico) (T. 84)
Pavana Capricho (T. 48)

CD 6:
Rapsodia Espanola, T 16
Navarra, T 106
Piano Sonata No. 5, T 85
Troisieme Suite ancienne, T 76
Azulejos, T 107
Piano Concerto No. 1, Torres 17, ‘Concierto Fantástico’

CD 7:
Chants d’Espagne, T 101
6 Mazurkas de salon, T 68
Deseo - estudio de concierto, T 53
L’Automne-Valse, T 96
Marcha militar, T 45
Improvisation, T 115B
Yvonne en visite!, T 104

CD 8:
Seconde Suite espagnole, T 90
Seis Danzas espanolas, T 78
Estudio impromptu, T 50
Les Saisons, T 100
Mazurka de salón, T 81
Recuerdos (Mazurka), T 80
Improvisation, T 115 C, cylinder 167 (Tempo di minuetto)
Champagne (Carte blanche), vals de salón, T 83
Berceuse, T 114 bis

CD 9:
Recuerdos de viaje, T 72
3er Minuetto, T 74
Reves, T 99
Scherzo, T 57 (for the unfinished Piano Sonata No. 1)
Tango, T94B
Diva sin par (Mazurka-capricho), T 63
Menuet, T 73
Minuetto, T 89A (for the unfinished Piano Sonata No. 7)
Improvisation, T 115 A, cylinder 169
Balbina Valverde (Polka brillante), T 64
The piano works by Isaac Albéniz range from indisputable masterpieces to ravishing salon music, the composer painting with bright Spanish colours as well as the hues of Classicism and Romanticism. On nine discs, originally released between 1998 and 2017 and gathered here, Miguel Baselga guides listeners through the music of his compatriot, earning acclaim from reviewers worldwide: ‘pianism of the highest order’ (MusicWeb-International); ‘berauschend agil und rhytmisch spannungsgeladen’ (PIANONews); ‘un pianista elegante y refinado’ (CD Compact).

Composed between December 1905 and January 1908, only a year before the death of Albéniz, Iberia is the crowning achievement of the composer’s genius. Marking a high point of the post-romantic piano literature, this collection of ‘12 nouvelles impressions’ was to serve as an endless source of inspiration for other composers throughout the twentieth century, admired by Debussy and Messiaen, who called it 'the marvel of the piano'. Baselga’s exhaustive series places Iberia in its proper context, and with the assistance of Albéniz scholar Jacinto Torres, he has been able to access original editions and scores, including rarities such as the Marcha militar by a nine-year-old Albéniz and the composer's two scores for piano and orchestra. We are also given the opportunity to hear three improvisations, transcribed from a phonograph recording made by the composer in 1903.

Recordings: Danderyd Grammar School (Danderyds Gymnasium), Sweden, February 1998 (CD 1); Auditorio y Palacio de Congesos, Zaragoza, Spain, July 1999 (CD 2), 6th 8th December 2000 (CD 3), March 2002 (CD 4), April 2004 (CD 5). Grand piano: Steinway D.

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