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Wydawnictwo: Kairos
Nr katalogowy: 0022014KAI
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: czerwiec 2023
EAN: 9120010286148
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Epoka muzyczna: współczesna
Obszar (język): austriacki
Rodzaj: kwartet

Quislant: Sinuoso Tiempo

Kairos - 0022014KAI
Klangforum Wien ensamble
Annette Bik, violin
Gunde Jäch-Micko, violin
Dimitrios Polisoidis, viola
Leo Morello, violoncello
Cycle for String Quartet:
Mons aureo
Profondita dinamica (estudio de abismos)
Tholos (nel silenzio degli intervalli)
Sinuoso Tiempo is a four-string quartet cycle examining sound “per se”. The cycle enhances the inventive potential of the inner universe of sound, suggests a meditation of its parameters and seeks for a utopian sound, which may be a source of wisdom. All pieces are based on the premise that extending musical thinking goes onward with the discovery and re-evaluation of the sounds surrounding us: their significance increases as they are associated to our up-to-date reality. This discovering hints to a redefinition of concepts such as rhythm, harmony, tempi, orchestration, which embrace the major notions organized-time-structures, form, expression, and character. The piece Tholos (nel silenzio degli intervalli) can be performed independently. The following combinations are also possible: I-II; I-III; II-III; II-IV; III-IV; I-II-III; I-III-IV; II-III-IV. In the creative process of my latest works, technical approaches coming from cinema and literature have shaped my relationship with sound, which inspires an unrestricted mindset, free of the dead-weight-thought that establishes an explicit stream of relationships with sensibility. This mindset pursues to recover the virtue of a primitive and ritual listening, and to grasp, from the inner universe of sound, the seeds from which language and communication sprout. Sinuoso Tiempo establishes this mimetic relationship with the architectural inheritance of the Real Academia de Espana en Roma and of the historical complex of San Pietro in Montorio, likewise with the evening twilight illuminating Rome and the side of the Gianicolo, eighth hill of Rome, at the right bank of river Tiber. Architectural space, urban landscape, and the setting of the sun are all metaphors for Sinuoso Tiempo. Sinuoso Tiempo was premiered by the string quartet of the Klangforum Wien. The pieces Mons Aureo, Profondita dinamica (estudio de abismos) and Reticulatum were premiered in December 2021 in Rome, at the Salón de Retratos of the Real Academia de Espana. Tholos (nel silenzio degli intervalli) was premiered in March 2022 in Vienna, in the framework of the Jeunesse Fast Forward Proträtkonzert at the Großer Sendesaal of ORF RadioKulturhaus.

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