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Wydawnictwo: Col Legno
Nr katalogowy: WWE 20434
Nośnik: 1 CD
Data wydania: lipiec 2017
EAN: 9120031341505
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Epoka muzyczna: współczesna
Obszar (język): niemiecki, austriacki
Instrumenty: skrzypce, akordeon

Alma Oeo

Col Legno - WWE 20434
Julia Lachertorfer, violin, voice
Evelyn Mair, violin, voice, tamburello
Marie-Theres Stickler, diatonic button accordion, voice
Matteo Hartzmann, violin, voice
Marlene Lacherstorfer, double bass, voice, tamburello
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Oeo ... are these sounds part of the international auxiliary language of music, a kind of World Music Esperanto? Or is it simply a yodel without the “h”, the essence of the, long since worn-out, yodeling syllable “ho-e-ho”?

Alma possess the equally rare talent to merge music of different regions, eras and styles (including but not limited to the music they grew up with) both playfully and confidently to create a new musical universe. The soundtrack on this album takes us from Denmark to Lima, from Apulia to the Upper Austrian Traunviertel, where we find Anton Bruckner, Imogen Heap and the boys from Bilderbuch engaged in a heated discussion about the landler and its rhythm. In this archetypal folk music in three-quarter time, the accentuation is on the first and third beats. The rhythm is like the pulsation of a healthy heart muscle: boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom. As their name suggests, Alma play music of the soul – and music of the heart.

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