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Wydawnictwo: Tacet
Seria: Domenico Scarlatti Sonatas
Nr katalogowy: TACET 269
Nośnik: 2 CD
Data wydania: listopad 2021
EAN: 4009850026907
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Epoka muzyczna: barok
Obszar (język): włoski
Instrumenty: fortepian
Rodzaj: sonata

Scarlatti: Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 6

Tacet - TACET 269
Christoph Ullrich, piano
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CD 1:
Andante E Major K. 206 (L. 257)
Allegro E Major K. 207 (L. 371)
Adagio e cantabile A Major K. 208 (L. 238)
Allegro A Major K. 209 (L. 428)
Andante G Major K. 210 (L. 123)
Andantino A Major K. 211 (L. 133)
Allegro molto A Major K. 212 (L. 135)
Andante D minor K. 213 (L. 108)
Allegro vivo D Major K. 214 (L. 165)
Andante E Major K. 215 (L. 323)
Allegro E Major K. 216 (L. 273)
Andante A minor K. 217 (L. 42)
Vivo A minor K. 218 (L. 392)

CD 2:
Andante A Major K. 219 (L. 393)
Allegro A Major K. 220 (L. 342)
Allegro A Major K. 221 (L. 259)
Vivo A Major K. 222 (L. 309)
Allegro D Major K. 223 (L. 214)
Vivo D Major K. 224 (L. 268)
Allegro C Major K. 225 (L. 351)
Allegro C minor K. 226 (L. 112)
Allegro B minor K. 227 (L. 347)
Allegro B Flat Major K. 228 (L. 399)
Allegro vivo B Flat Major K. 229 (L. 199)
Allegro C minor K. 230 (L. 354)
Allegro C Major K. 231 (L. 409)
Andante E minor K. 232 (L. 62)
Allegro E minor K. 233 (L. 467)
Andante G minor K. 234 (L. 49)
Allegro G Major K. 235 (L. 154)
In 2020 the Scarlatti boat was sailing the high seas when suddenly it hit the rocks. :-(

And so for the 30 sonatas of part 6, the crew fled like rats from a sinking ship onto dry land and into the back of beyond - where it's too boring even for Corona. Between a stack of grand pianos stored vertically, upright pianos, and in unimaginably dry acoustics, Christoph Ullrich, playing Gerd Finkenstein's familiar and beautiful grand piano, shifted time and space into a bygone world. A world that is perhaps not so distant from our own time as we might think. There were serious diseases everywhere then. Just like nowadays, that didn't stop people from caring about equally important things, such as cheering up a melancholy King! Among other things, this is what Scarlatti was employed for.

Dear reader! You are the king who, in the face of the world's crises, threatens to sink into depression. Listen to this double CD (for the price of one), full of an endless variety of cheerful, but also often of reflective pieces, and allow it to take your mind off things!

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